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Top 10 scary things that people do to lose weight

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There are dozens of slimming methods, more effective, others less so. However, the most indicated for weight loss in a healthy way is through exercise and balanced diet. The submitted forms are not recommended for putting health at risk. In this selection are highlighted the 10 scary things that people do to lose weight.

Top 10 scary things that people do to lose weight

10° Urine injections
A craze that is taking the Australian people desperate to lose weight, is whether injecting with human urine. Such people swear it’s possible to lose 0.45 kg per day to trick the body into believing it is pregnant; urine contains the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin; What stimulates the metabolism and burn calories faster, as well as during pregnancy.

9° Eat cotton or toilet paper
A method that has become incredibly popular in the past decade, was the “challenge of the cotton ball”, which basically involves soaking the cotton or paper towels in water or juice and then eating. The theory is that the body will be taken to think it had a full meal, so who’s in diet can deal with hunger, without the pain that malnutrition generates.

8° sleeping beauty Diet
The basic premise is that if you want to skip a meal or two, but don’t have the willpower, the person simply takes a lot of sedatives and drugs, getting into the stupor. And wake up some days later and find out you lost a few pounds.

7° Ipecac Syrup
The syrup is used in the medical industry to clear the stomach of a patient who has been accidentally poisoned, by the fact that causes violent and uncontrollable vomiting. The syrup is also widely abused in the fashion industry for the same reason.

6° training camp of Anorexics
One of the most stupid, immoral foibles and completely dangerous diet in the world currently is the growth of these places; the internet is filled with sites grown by former and current people who suffer from anorexia, which States that starve to death is the best way to lose weight.
The “ABC Diet” not only encourages crash dieting but determines the anorexia as a regime of optional diet with health risks that are flagged in advance, little things like heart attacks, brain damage, organ failure and death.

5° Sew a screen in their own Language
Incredibly, many people who do this method alternatively stated that had so whimsical and volunteer, a screen sewn to their languages, which makes it painful to eat solid foods.
The theory behind the diet is that the person will be forced to subsist on a liquid diet for the duration of the patches, which trains the brain to reconsider the option of eating solid foods.

4° taking drugs
Many people who are desperate to lose weight opt for illegal drugs and heavy to avoid eating. Do not quote what drugs not to be tempted by absolutely nobody. Taking drugs is fourth in this selection of 10 scary things that people do to lose weight.

3° diet of feeding tube
The bonus of this particular fad is that the person will be monitored by a healthcare professional. The doctor or nurse pumps a solution of protein high fat, low-calorie, through a feeding tube inserted in his nose and stomach.
When the solution enters the stomach, the body must go into ketosis and burn the fat body natural at a higher rate. While it’s comforting to know that this diet is less affiliated with doctors, it is worrying considering that people in diet can go to such extremes.

2° abuse of Insulin
One of the most remarkably dangerous diet methods in popular use is the practice of injecting you with low insulin methods, particularly for diabetics who rely on medication to stay alive.
The low dose is intended to reduce the sugar in the blood, which then renders the indigestible carbohydrates and leads to stored fat rather than being broke as a source of energy. And the abuse of insulin is the second position in this selection.

1° Create the Tapeworm Itself
The Tapeworm diet is leading position in this selection of 10 scary things that people do to lose weight, that literally involves creating the animal itself to hide the lower parts of the gut itself.
After swallowing a tapeworm cyst pill, reckless users develop, mature and keep a tapeworm in the intestine which will be celebrating on food the person eats, and until this, reach the weight target.
The person then takes a pill anti-parasite for defeating the worm. It is possible to develop health problems throughout their lives by using this method, such as epilepsy, while the person certainly will have vomiting and diarrhoea attacks to face in the same period.

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