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Top 10 most expensive virginity in the world

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The girls are Currently selling what are them “most precious” by eBay to raise money for college, or family, or simply to have more luxury. Is a new way to raise money quickly and easily, being creative. Check out this selection 10 cases in Which the virginity Was sold by high values around the world.

Top 10 most expensive virginity in the world

10 ° Rosie Reid – $ 13,000
Rosie Reid is in London, and in 2004 she sold her body to an interested party. At the team, she was only 18 years of age When the 44-year engineer paid for her virginity.
He was a middle-aged, divorced, father of two, who was willing to pay a lot of money just to take her virginity. After the Act have occurred, Rosie regretted Their Decisions.

9th Alina perceives $ 14,900
In 2009, an 18-year-old girl from Romania was selling her virginity. Alina auctioned her virginity so she Could pay for her degree in computing.
By its symbol of innocence and college degree, she received $ 14,900 of an Italian man. The 45-year-old man to pay for her trip to Venice, and Showed the sights, before sealing the deal on a five-star hotel.

8 ° Shatuniha- $ 27,950
As one of the most expensive virginity already sold, Their case was similar to others. She put an ad where he described, “I have no bad habits and have good looks.”
Also, the girl mentioned that she is a Siberian teenager “not used”. The sale was consummated Allegedly by an anonymous buyer in a mysterious hotel room.

7 Unigirl- $ 32,000
Here is another example of a poor girl who had to sell her virginity for a better life. A poor student from New Zealand, who was known only by his name pseudo-Unigirl, asked for $ 32,000 for Their virginity. She auctioned his “purity” to pay for her university fees.

6 Cathy Cobblerson- $ 100,000
Reported by the Weekly World News, in 2004 the American Cathy Cobblerson was selling her virginity on an auction site. His goal was to reach $ 100,000 to pay Their debts. However, the magazine Could be false, although there is evidence in just? read her auction was real.

5 ° Catherine Martel – $ 708,000
In 2012, Catherine sold her virginity, gaining great prominence in the medium. She tried to sell the part of a planned documentary, called Virgins Wanted, directed the Australian Justin Sisely.
The Brazilian student Placed an advertisement online at an auction site, she was selling her virginity to anyone in the world and someone paid $ 708,000. It’s a man named Natsu of Japan. She won so much repercussion in Brazil, she posed for Playboy and interviews to cassette Several talk shows.

4 ° Elizabeth Raine – $ 801,000
The medical student “Liz Raine” turned the sale of her virginity in the science. She designed an auction site, with a link to the PR company that managed your offer, and an entire page dedicated to the terms and conditions of the first sexual intercourse.
One of the coolest clauses says that “sexual intercourse means inserting the penis into the vagina,”; and nothing more than that. Also, does promise to donate 35% of the sale to a charity that Provides education to women in Developing Countries. She Basically turned the sale of virginity in the business.

3rd Graciela Yataco- $ 1,000,000 1.3
Graciela of 18 years DECIDED that she shouldn’t sell her innocence to pay the medical bills of his mother. The reason? The model of Peru was Responsible for the accounts of his mother and she had Also to help his younger brother, and sell your “first time” was the last resort.
She is the one who started the idea of virginity auction complete. His innocence was the regimental subject for a very long time, and a Canadian man offered her $ 1,000,000 1.5 for a date.
She was somehow still hopeful she could improve Their situation by selling her virginity, but at the last minute, she got out of the business.

2nd Raffaella Fico- $ 1,000,000 1.8
The Italian model of 20 years of age and the end of Big Brother Italy 2008 “Placed its purity at auction. With the money, she wanted to buy an apartment in Rome and pay for his acting classes. She could have been a Virgin and innocent girl , but she preferred to be known for its attitude for a little more luxury. is Among the 10 most expensive ever sold in history virginity.

1 Natalie Dylan – $ 1,000,000 3.7
Natalie, 22 years old, auctioned her virginity through Moonlight Bunny Ranch to fund your master’s degree. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Women’s Studies from Sacramento State, she revealed in an interview with Howard Stern that he would sell her virginity to pay for your college education.
It is not known Whether she meant it or not, because the whole thing Seemed strange. But she received $ 1,000,000 3.7 for your virginity, so something must have Been true in all this. But According to Hof, the transaction was never consummated, although Natalie is gone $ 250,000.

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