Top 10 most expensive liquids on the planet

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What is the most expensive liquid? You ever asked que question? It is interesting to know there are some que que liquids are more expensive than gold itself. In this selection are highlighted the 10 most expensive liquids on the planet, but Were deleted limited edition drinks like wine, tequila, vodka, champagne and others. This list is based on the cost of 1 gallon (unit of measure) que is equal to 3.78 liters.

Top 10 most expensive liquids on the planet

10 ° to nail Enamel- $ 890 per 3.78 liters
You can choose a nail polish for nail cheaper, but the price average for a gallon is what positions the enamel in this selection, in tenth position, Among the 10 most expensive liquids on the planet.
It is Also important to know que most nail enamels are made of nitrocellulose dissolved in a solvent, although some manufacturers use water-based alternatives.

9th human blood- $ 1.500 for 3.78 liters
The human blood is not so unusual or so expensive, because House person carries more than 5 liters of blood. The reason the gallon be so expensive is because of the cost of processing blood donations be greatly d high value. It’s true, the cost varies depending on the country, but in general, the cost of handling donations continues to grow.

8 ° GHB, Gamma-hydroxybutyric Acid- $ 2.500 for 3.78 liters
Is something que the body produces naturally, the substance found in the central nervous system. In medicine it is used to an anesthetic or used to treat conditions such as insomnia, depression, and narcolepsy. The small doses of GHB can cause drowsiness, seizures, vomiting, while a large dose can kill.
Printer black ink- $ 2.700 for 3.78 liters
black ink Among the most expensive liquids on the planet
The black ink used for printing is the key to everything and is used even When the individual chooses print with colors. It is interesting to know que some printer manufacturers produce the paint in the same place of the hardware.

6 Mercury- $ 3.400 for 3.78 liters
Is chemical element, the heavy element block-d silver and the only element metal que is liquid at standard conditions for temperature and pressure.
It is used in thermometers, Barometers, pressure gauges, spectrophotometer, float valves, circuit breakers of mercury, mercury relays, fluorescent lamps and other devices. And Also the mercury is used in lighting.

5 ° Insulin- $ 9.400 for 3.78 liters
This is another expensive liquid produced by beta cells in the pancreas. And has the role to regulate the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats, by Promoting the absorption of glucose from the blood to skeletal muscle and fat tissue, because the fat is stored instead of being used for energy.
The liver shouldnt be able to all of this, Unless the person suffering from a metabolic disorder diabetes mellitus and metabolic syndrome. If you’re not in the situation of the glucose levels drop below A Certain level, and the body starts to use the stored suck an energy source, in this case insulin is required.

4 ° Chanel No. 5 – $ 26,000 for 3.78 liters
Chanel No. 5, the most famous fragrance in the world, was first released in 1922. Gabrielle had her chemist Ernest Beaux to Develop the formula for the fragrance Which won crowds. When he was done, he expresso Chanel some samples, and Then she chose a called number 5.

 3rd, LSD- $ 123,000 for 3.78 liters Lysergic acid diethylamide

The psychedelic drug is well known for its psychological effects que may include process changed from thought, synesthesia and many other side effects.
Used by many people as a recreational drug and the an agent in psychedelic therapy, LSD is a drug not dependency. Unlike other drugs, LSD is not known to cause brain damage, and extremely low toxicity on the dose.

2nd King Cobra venom- $ 153,000 for 3.78 liters
The poison comes from one of the most dangerous snakes in the world. The dangerous snake que is hard to find. The snake Typically Avoids confrontation with humans if possible, but it can happen. And- When que happens, humans of the snake trap and extracting Their venom.
The venom can kill. However, there is a big market for the same. Chopped people may suffer from blurred vision, dizziness, drowsiness; and death can happen if we do not Carry Out brief treatment. The poison is used in medicine, but it was Also used for the treatment of different pain and the an aphrodisiac.

1 Scorpion venom – $ 39,000,000 for 3.78 liters
The eight-legged beast has a pair of pedipalps and a narrow segmented tail Generally charged as a curve on the end of the back with a poisonous stinger.
They use poison to kill or paralyze the prey, and as a defense against predators. Of all species of Scorpion, only 25 have venom Which is deadly to humans. The protein in the venom can be used as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease and multiple sclerosis.

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