Top 10 most expensive firearms in the world

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Are highlighted in this selection the 10 most expensive firearms in the world. And some of Them cost more than the House, but if the person is able to buy such weapons, the home is less. They are weapons that go beyond the barrier of 1,000,000, mostly sold in auction houses for collectors who appreciate rarities used for historical people. Check-out:

Top 10 most expensive firearms in the world

10th Golden gun Fuhrer- of $ 125,000
The gun Belonged to none other than Adolf Hitler, he won in his 50 years as a gift from one of his friends. The pistol had Hitler’s initials encrusted with gold on the handles of ivory.
Carl Walther, Whose family made Hundreds of Thousands of weapons, was the one who gave the special gift. In 1987 the pistol was sold at auction for $ 125,000, the largest price ever paid for an item of military memorabilia.

9th Holland & Holland-28-gauge shotgun “Royal Deluxe” Over-and-under- $ 145,000
This rifle was made by known Holland & Holland Company. It is embossed with Acanthus leaf roller Classic and of course, the prints are gold-plated. The gun Also features a locking side ejector mechanism and a detachable hand lever for comfort. In addition, the barrel length is 29.

8 ° 20 gauge shotgun sidelock Ejector Over and under- $ 200,000
This gun was made by j. Purdey and Sons, the company that Began in 1814. This rifle is the exception, is designed to be used for sport or hunting. They used metal and wood to create the rifle.

7 Wyatt Earp Gun- $ 225,000
Wyatt Earp was the first American player in the County Press, Deputy Sheriff of Arizona. His gun was sold at an auction as a collector’s item bound to him.
It is Believed that the same gun was used to kill three cowboys bandits in O.K. Corral shootout. The gun was sold to someone from New Mexico for $ 225,000.

6 -44 Caliber Smith – $ 360,000
Introduced around 1869, the American 44 is a revolver S & W … of American Center fire cartridge. And was used in the Smith & Wesson Model 3 & the the standard weapon of the army of the United States.
And works with a greased bullet out of the same diameter of the Russian.44 S & M, with a diameter of slightly larger capsule bottleneck, and BOTH black and smokeless powder charges.
As an American black powder revolver, this the the rest of your series must only use black powder loads, because the modern smokeless powders will generate excessive pressures.

5 ° VO vapen (Falcon Edition) – $ 820,000
VO vapen is the world’s most expensive rifle. When talking about it, it is mentioned that the gun is made of a rare gem with classic painting and Damascus steel. And it was made by VO vapen, the gun company that operates out of Sweden since 1977.
Vapen VO Falcon Edition, is a classic rifle, handmade, and a firearm from Switzerland, the real beauty. Made by Mr. Master Gunsmith Viggo Olsson and his son Gunsmith Ulf Olsson; all rifles are handmade by These gentlemen. They say all that Their rifles are based on unique technique that Allows the owner to use Several different sizes for the same gun.

4th Teddy Roosevelt rifle- $ 873,000
This was the rifle of the former U.S. President Teddy Roosevelt. President’s shotgun is called A. H. Fox-12 gauge side-by-side and the gun Belonged to him since he left for Cuba in 1898. On day 5 of October 2014 at auction, a person of great pockets Redbourn this beautiful gun home.

3rd Pistols Nicolas-Noel Boutet- $ 1,000,000 1.8
Worked by Nicolas-Noel Boutet, the pistols are some of the most expensive weapons in the world and one of the most famous. The pistols are more historical value because They Were the property of Simon Bolivar.
The first President of Venezuela was the proud owner of pistols dark wood finishing and polished metal nice. The set of pistols was sold at Christie’s auction house for $ 1,000,000 1.8 in 2004.

2nd George Washington’s Pistols- $ 2,000,000
During the revolutionary war, the steel seat mounted guns Were owned and used by George Washington. After the pistols to help George Washington across the United States war for independence, twin firearms Were Given to the seventh President of the United States Andrew Jackson.
And from there, They Traveled a long line to get back to the view of the public. These pistols are second position in this selection, of the 10 most expensive firearms in the world.

1st murder weapon of Lincoln-Unknown
The gun that killed President Abraham Lincoln is priceless, it is Very difficult to estimate. The President of the United States Abraham Lincoln was assassinated on Friday, on 14 April 1865.
The Philadelphia Deringer pistol that John Wilkes Booth used to kill the President is now on display at the Museum at Ford’s theater. Nothing compares with the price of this gun; None of the weapons in the Valley more than this gun. Is a historical and current object is priceless.

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