Top 10 most expensive cosmetics brands in the world

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Women use various products because of the great desire to look more beautiful and beauty products were perfected by major brands, if one of the most profitable business best in the world. In this selection are highlighted the 10 most expensive cosmetics brands in the world.

Top 10 most expensive cosmetics brands in the world

10° Smashbox
The brand, founded in a Photography Studio Smashbox Studios in Culver City by two men, the brothers Dean and Davis Factor. In 2010, when Estee Lauder acquired the brand, the folks at Smashbox was afflicted some changes she would make, but the brand remained the same and it’s growing.
Smashbox is focused on lipstick and eye products, mostly shadows. Is something in the oil they put on makeup that makes this brand so expensive. And recently launched the 3:00 pm 1 mask.

9° Nu Skin
Nu Skin, founded in 1984 in Provo, Utah, is a beauty company in the world specializing in anti-aging products. With a net annual income of $ 221,645,000,000, in 2012, the brand deserves to be on this selection, and ninth among the 10 most expensive cosmetics brands in the world.

8° Oriflame
Oriflame is the brand known by all thanks to its quality products. Prices are in balance with the quality and is the reason that they have grown to the current position. Oriflame has annual sales of $ 1.5 billion.

7° Elizabeth Arden
Since 1910 when she began to provide to American women beauty products, the brand has become bigger and bigger. A true pioneer in the beauty of women, Elizabeth Arden was one of the first people to open a SPA on Fifth Avenue, and it’s like the brand became the first global beauty in the world. And has a net income of $ 1,000,000 40.9 (2011).

6° Artistry
The brand of skin care and cosmetics, this produced by Access Business Group is known in 108 countries and territories around the world. Artistry is the only direct sales brand classified in the category of prestige. Artistry presents some of the skin care products, more expensive.

5° Estee Lauder
Started in 1946 in New York, Estee Lauder is the mother of some of the finest cosmetic products that are currently on the market. The cosmetic brand entered the area of personal care in 1946 and they don’t disappoint since then.
And it was also the first company to introduce a second line for men in 1976. Estee Lauder is a company favored by celebrities and some of them have also been featured in commercials for the brand. From 30 July 2013, the end of the fiscal year, Estee Lauder, for the first time, has sales of more than $ 10 billion.

4° MAC Cosmetics
Founded in 1984 in Toronto, Canada by Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo, MAC Cosmetics is one of the cosmetic brands, more valuable. Initially, the products were made for makeup artists, but now they are available to all.
While there really expensive cosmetic products, their success is attributed to the complex line of easy to use products that will provide a full makeup.
L’Oreal is one of the largest cosmetic companies in the world, and has its headquarters in France. With total assets worth of 28,219 billion euros at the end of 2013, the company’s third position in this selection, the most expensive cosmetics brands in the world. Their 72,640 employees work every day and night to deliver their best products.

2° Mary Kay
Because they spend a lot of money making sure that their products are safe and perfect for the consumer, this tag is second position in this selection, of the 10 most expensive cosmetics brands in the world.
Mary Kay was founded in 1963 by Mary Kay Ash in Addison, Texas. Their agents are called beauty consultants and are trained to offer the best advice on beauty products. A company with great background of some of the best products existing in the market today.
In the year 1968, Mary Kay Ash purchased the first Pink Cadillac of Dallas, and this vehicle was repainted in place to coincide with “Mountain Laurel Blush”. The car was serving as mobile advertising business.
And in 1970, Ash gave reward to 5 best in sales with similar models Coupe de Ville. An interesting fact is that GM made customization of more than 100,000 vehicles to Mary Kay.

1° Chanel
People already know well about the brand, and the products are widely used, not just beauty products, but also clothes and other. Their revenues in 2012 was estimated at 6.3 billion euros. Since 1909, Chanel gives women around the planet the world of style and elegance through its expensive products.

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