Top 10 extinct creatures with ridiculous appearances

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Millions of species have come in and out of existence without even knowing it. Most people are familiar with the most popular dinosaurs, but here you have 10 extinct creatures with ridiculous and sometimes frightening appearances.

Top 10 extinct creatures with ridiculous appearances

1. passing pigeons
Until recently, wild migratory, pigeon pigeon or Dove passed (which should not be confused with the pigeons) were the most abundant in the world bird. Martha, the last, died at the Cincinnati Zoo in 1914.

2 Platybelodon
Shovel the Platybelodon, nicknamed the elephant, was a relative of the elephant. Instead of having a normal Horn, this looked like the beak of a giant duck. It is believed that they used this structure to pull the tree bark and collapse branches.

3 Diprotodon Oct.28
This marsupial is the largest known that has existed. Wandered most of Australia more than 25,000 years ago, when I lived with the first indigenous people.

4 the Dodo bird
The dodo was a non-flying bird that lived in Mauritius, an Island East of Madagascar. The dodo was one of the few animals that used stones for digestion. Stones, were stored in the gastrointestinal tract and helped break down the food.

5. Dunkleosteus
This Carnivore of 20 million years ago makes sharks look kittens and had the weight of an elephant, these mega-creatures have the record for the strongest of any animal bite.

6 Arctocyon
Arctocyon was a member of the family of dogs, they were of medium and large size, and is likely to have been a very powerful Hunter.

7 Glyptodon
A relative of armadillos today in day, the Glyptodon was a four-legged beast about the size of a Volkswagen beetle. Fortunately, it wasn’t a Carnivore.

8 Daeodon
PitBulls and Rottweilers are tame compared to this ancestor of the wild boar. The Daeodon had a 1 m long skull. It was the largest of the Entelodonts (omnivores, similar to wild boar), sometimes called hell pigs or terminator pigs.

9 Pelagornithidae
The Pelagornithidae, commonly called pelagornithids or pseudodontorns was a prehistoric family of large seabirds. Its fossils have been found remains globally in rocks.

10 Quetzalcoatlus
The QuetzalcoatlusTan was as tall as a giraffe, a lizard, and that means that these creatures could have been what our ancestors called dragons.

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