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Top 10 dying religious practices

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There are around 21 major religions in the world, Christianity being the most populous followed by Islam, Hinduism, Chinese folk religion, and many others. Each religion has its own code of conduct and there are various rituals and religious practices accredited, followed and nailed.
Some of these practices are well seen. How to attend worship in church every Sunday which is a very popular ritual that most Christians follow.
But there are many religious practices that are quite unknown. These can be painful, cruel and inhumane. Some religious practices may include animal sacrifice alive or even their own children. And, unfortunately, there are many of them. In this selection are the agonizing 10 religious practices.

Top 10 dying religious practices

10° carving of the teeth
This is a ritual that is practiced by the tribe Mentawaian from Indonesia and is specifically for women. The tribe believes that by carving or sharpening the teeth of young women, they become more attractive and to balance develops between the body and the soul.
The tribe believes that by carving the teeth of young women, the spirits will be satisfied and the balance will come to life. The elements of the practice of excruciating pain are done without any anesthetic.

9° Playing Baby
in the State of Maharastra in India, play baby of the temple is performed as a religious ritual that makes it seem like a horrible situation for many. Babies between the ages of 1 and 2 years are thrown from the tower in a height of 50 feet.
Other men are below the tower to get the babies in bed sheets. This custom is more practiced by Hindus and Muslims because they believe that by playing the baby make you smarter and lucky. See the video where the ritual.

Sun dance is a part of many ceremonial protocols of cultures. Native Americans, First Nations people and many more contemporary cultures, each one enters in this practice to offer self-sacrifice, because they believe this will prosper the practitioner’s family and the whole community.
The Sundance is performed differently for each tribe, but the supply of meat is a common feature that every tribe is proposing to do. In the traditional ceremony of the Sundance, the drums are played, players with tubes are made & fasting is performed.
But the agonizing part of this ceremony is to offer. Young men who participate in this have the chest pierced by spikes causing extreme pain, and must remove the piece of skin with a rope tied to a stick (photo).

7° Flogging
The scourging, the devotional ceremony held by many religious groups, mainly Islamic, and judaístas is another method of self-flagellation. The flogging of Islam, people of goodwill if they meet in Act of beating and interruption methodical.
This is done to mourn the suffering and martyrdom of Hussain and Shia Muslims can be seen if plaguing with knives, blades and chains on the day of Moharram. In this video you can see the practice.

6° RIP fence
The Act of ripping can include scratch, burn, burn or cut the skin. But for the tribe living in Papua New Guinea, scarification is a ritual that every boy has to undergo to be treated like a man. The young boys are forced to be cut in the back, chest and buttocks to be similar to the skin of the crocodile.

5° Okipa Ceremony
The Okipa Ceremony is another torture carried out to prove physical courage and seek approval of the spirits. The ceremony performed by Indian Mandan Bison Dance begins with a and continues for up to 4 days. During these 4 days, the young men are not allowed to eat, drink or sleep.
They are taken to small cabins where the wooden skewers are placed on their chests and shoulders that pierce your skin. And during this Act distraught, they must sit with a smiling face.
Later, these men are hanging from the ceiling of up to pass out and then are removed. Finally, if they awaken, symbolizes the spirits’ approval.

4° Aghori
It is believed that practice has origins in Hindu religion Aghori. Hindus are known to believe in mythology that Brahma is the creator of this universe and that there is no evil.
The Aghori gurus were known to live close to the site of cremation and cremation ashes grease on you. I’ve witnessed them using the bones of dead bodies and using the skulls of the same the bowl and eat those corpses.

3° of Sky Burials
The burials of the sky used to be a ceremony in Tibet it was exclusionary and ostentatious. And it was a funeral practice in which the deceased bodies were dissected and scattered on top of the mountains to the birds. Tibetans and also many Mongols used to believe that after death, the body is like an empty vessel and there is no need to maintain or store the same.

2° Circumcision
This is a practice that is followed primarily in Judaism and Islam. The painful procedure of circumcision involves the removal of the foreskin of the penis, without anesthesia.
On female circumcision, the skin covering the clitoris, or own the clitoris is removed. In Islam, it is believed that the Prophet Muhammad was born without a foreskin and to symbolize their inclusion with the community, devotees go through circumcision.

1° Sokushinbutsu
So complicated is the name, also an abomination is this tradition that was one last act of selflessness by Buddhist monks. The practice is also known as self-mummification, was banned by the Japanese Government at the end of the 19th century and is not currently supported by any Buddhist sect.
To practice self-mummification, the monks take a special diet and rigorous physical activities for 3 years to turn their bodies into the less fat. Then they eat only bark and roots and would drink the poisonous tea which would cause excessive fluid loss and avoid decomposition of the body after death.
Later the monks entered in the stone tomb that had no room for any movement. And attached to that tomb was an air tube and the Bell, which was used to indicate that the monk is still alive. And the day that the Bell stopped ringing, the tube would be removed and the sealed Tomb.

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