Top 10 data that will make your brain explode

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From a nuclear bomb lost to the heart of a whale. Here are 10 facts that will make your brain explode.

Top 10 data that will make your brain explode

1. Pluto.
Although it is not a planet, it is one of the smaller objects in our solar system, it is so small that Russia surpasses it in size.

2 lobsters.
One can say that these animals are Immortals since they do not age with the passage of time, are much more stronger lonjebas, but this does not mean that they die not by external causes such as predators or the temperature of the water.

3. lost pump.
Since 1958 a nuclear bomb 100 times more potent that destroyed Hiroshima is lost in the United States, still remains to be found.

4 universe.
There is no doubt that the universe is immense, but the fact that in our brain there is more neural synapses in the brain human that you star in the milky way.

5 crickets.
The singing of crickets can help us to determine the temperature of the environment, you just have to write down how many squeaks broadcasts cricket in 15 seconds, add 8, divide that number between 1.8 and the result will be that night temperature.

6 Palindromes.
This principle can also be applied in numbers, no matter how many times to multiply the number one itself this will always be a palindrome as a result.

7 bones.
Humans have between 206-208 bones, but babies have up to 300. This is because the babies come out of the womb with some of their separate bones to facilitate his departure from the birth canal, the passage of time the cartilage that holds them together disappears.

8. heart of whale.
The heart of a whale measuring 1.8 meters high and 1.5 meters wide and weighs about 500 kg. It is believed that their arteries are so wide that a person could swim among them.

9. sperm.
Each spermatozoon contains approximately 37.5 MG of information, this means that during male ejaculation is released approximately 1587 GB of information in search of the female egg.

10 clones.
According to science exist 7184 people in the world which are very similar to you.

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