Top 10 best selling albums in the history of Brazil

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Are highlighted in this selection the 10 best-selling albums in the history of Brazil, according to the Brazilian Association of record producers, ABPD, with great success between different musical genres. Since he has a record, the big seller is the album “Songs to praise the Lord” at the height of the musical career of Padre Marcelo Rossi in 1998. Check out the rest:

Top 10 best selling albums in the history of Brazil

10° Mamonas Assassinas-Mamonas Assassinas, 2,468,830
The album Mamonas Assassinas is the rock genre, from 1995, being tenth position in this selection, of the 10 best-selling albums in the history of Brazil. This was the only Studio album of the band, which was the victim of a fatal plane crash at the height of his career. The release, death, were only 7 months of a meteoric stardom who won the Brazil.
The album was certified Diamond disc, according to ABPD.

9° X or Xuxa-Xuxa, 2,689,000
The album is the artist Xuxa, of 1986, and the children’s genre. The second Studio album and first release on Rede Globo with label Som Livre, was rookie the label. The record South American record sales of only one disc. The most successful song on this album was “sweet honey (nice to be with You)”.

8° a dreamer-Leandro & Leonardo, 2,732,735
The year of release of a dreamer, frontiersman was 1998. This is the twelfth Studio album of the duo, and last produced while together. The release was shortly after the death of Leandro.

Xegundo Xou of Xuxa-Xuxa, 2,754,000
Xegundo Xou da Xuxa was launched in 1987, in the children’s genre. Is the third album of the artist, by Som Livre. It is important to remember that the amount of copies sold refers to only sell in LPs and cassette tapes, because until today were not counted sales of CD versions. And produced 3 singles, stretches and Pulls, champion, and Rexeita Xuxa.

6° 4° X or Xuxa-Xuxa, 2,920,000
The release of 4° X or Xuxa was in the year 1989, the children’s genre. Is the fifth Studio album of Xuxa, Xuxa’s collection is composed of 7 records. And were released songs as the theme of the program Choked Danced, Mrs. giraffe, Tindolelê.
Xuxa developed children’s entertainment Empire all over the country and Latin America, with presentation of TV shows in Spain, United States and Argentina.
And being a singer the release was 28 13 Studio albums, compilations, 8 albums in Spanish, and 3 DVDs with concert records, 4 Box options with collections, 200 video clips and quantities exceeding 110 singles, selling more than 45,000,000 for copies.

5° Só pra Contrariar-Só pra Contrariar, 3,000,000
The album Só pra Contrariar was released in 1997, with genre pagoda. And is the fourth Studio album by Só pra Contrariar, released by Sony BMG. The successes are unforgettable, as with the music after the Pleasure, and My Half.

4° pirate radio live-RPM, 3,000,000
The release of pirate radio live was in 1986, in the rock genre, by RPM group. Is the second album by RPM, and one of the most sold in the history of the brazilian recording industry, and writing in the Exhibition Pavilion of Anhembi complex, São Paulo. The direction of the show was of Ney Matogrosso, with incredible successes as pirate radio, Cobra, looking at 43.

3° Leandro & Leonardo-Leandro & Leonardo, 3,145,814
This album was released in 1990, in the universe sertanejo. This is the fourth album of the duo and the success of the song think of me, the sale was exorbitant. And more hits were where are you, and Never say goodbye.

2° X or Xuxa 3-Xuxa, 3,216,000
This disc is the children’s genre, launched in 1988. And is the fourth Studio album by Xuxa, with hits such as Rainbow, ABC’s Xuxa, and Yes. Was signed as bigger album sales expression of Latin American market at that time.
The Yes song remained in first place for 20 weeks in Brazilian charts, as the most performed in radios with part of my Show, Cazuza.

1° Songs to praise the Lord-Padre Marcelo Rossi, 3,328,468
The leading position in this selection is d the album “Songs to praise the Lord”, among the 10 best-selling albums in the history of Brazil. The genre is Catholic, launched in 1998. It is the first album of Padre Marcelo Rossi. The radios were highlighted in particular the songs “Angels of God”, and “Raise your hands”, a period that 90% of Brazilians were declared Catholics.
Marcelo Mendonça Rossi, born in São Paulo, in 1967, is Brazil’s Catholic priest, and even writer and singer of extensive public success. It is popular for the media action in spreading the Catholic faith, and has become nationally recognized for dissemination of the religious music of the Catholic charismatic renewal movement, RCC.

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